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High-growth businesses & moderate web traffic, you can buy our

hosting with on TesHost...

Domain Registration

Secure your online identity today. Even if you are not ready to build a website, you can reserve your name so it’s ready when you need it. Research also shows that major search engines, such as Google and Yahoo, favor domain names that are aged in the process of calculating objective search results.

Domain Registration

A Domain name is unique name used to identify a website or any other information reserved on the internet. It is used to identify you or your business on the internet. It is what appears in the address bar when visiting a website.

Domain names are very cheap to register. They however need to be renewed every year or so. If the domain name is not renewed before the renewal period expires, the domain name becomes available to anybody.

Find below our different domain name packages and get started.

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Shared Hosting

Your website needs to be published online, before it can be viewed on the internet.

To put the website up, you will need a hosting account. This is where all pages of your website will be added to, in order to be made available to internet users.

When someone enters your domain name into the address field of his or her browser, the information on your web hosting account is loaded and can then viewed by the person.

TesHost offers various plans suitable for anybody, ranging from plan with very little space to very huge plans. You can also upgrade your plan at any time, if you think the current hosting package you have is too small.

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If you’re serious about doing business online, you need SSL. It’s the best way to protect user data and defend against identity theft. Many customers will refuse to do business with a website that doesn’t have an SSL certificate.


free domain transfer

Transfer your domain from your previous hosting site to us for free.


technical support

Our support staff is available 24/7/365 to assist you via Telephone, LiveChat, or Email with any hosting-related issues.


free website optimization

Optimize your website in order to get a fast running website.

our package &

pricing plan

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100dedicated staff



frequently asked

question & answers!


Our Support team is always at hand to assist you. You can take a look at all our contact detailson our contact page


Yes, all our servers are protected by  email spam/virus protection tools .


Yes, your data is a 100% secure and is backed-up every 5 days.


Yes, you can easily upgrade to one of our higher plans at any time.


Yes, most of all our Hosting packages come with Unlimited Email Hosting.